One of our core missions at The Reskūed Collection is sustainability.

We aim to RESCUE fashion garments and accessories from ending up in landfill, giving them new life.

Sustainability Efforts

  • Business Model
    • Circular fashion both sourced in the NYC area 
    • Re-Skues: We partner with designers that re-work unwearable or unstylish garments giving them a whole new look
  • Delivery
    • We ship using USPS pickup service that comes at the same time as regular mail, so there is no extra transit reducing our CO2 footprint
    • Local Deliveries are made using an app that chooses the most efficient route, avoiding extra emissions
  • Packaging
    • We are proud to be a part of the No Issue Eco Alliance who's packaging is all FSC Certified.
    • We use regular poly-mailers, but are in the transition to using only 100% Compostable Mailers (made from cornstarch) from No Issue and reusing when we can.  
    • Our Thank You Notecards are also from No Issue and are 100% Recycled
    •  Our merch is wrapped in 100% All-Natural Hemp Cord
    • Extra paper from printed shipping labels are saved as scrap paper for future use
    • For Local Delivery Packaging: 
      • We use reusable paper gift bags
      • Either: hemp cord/ or tissue paper (we will be transitioning to FSC certified tissue paper soon)  
  • If you have further questions about our sustainability efforts, please feel free to reach out by emailing us: